Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Welcome to the GTrack Blog

My name is Jonathan Gold and this year I will be participating in ALYN Hospital's Wheels of Love 2012 International Bike Ride, and by doing so I have made a commitment to raise funds for the “special” physically challenged children undergoing rehabilitation there.

What is GTrack

As a cross-platform, mobile application developer, I decided to do something new. Therefore, in addition to raising funds by traditional methods, I decided to create and sell a mobile application. 

GTrack is a simple application that shows you where you are and where you were. All the proceeds from the application, will be donated to the children of the ALYN hospital.

This website was created to promote and support the GTrack application. Please join me in helping the ALYN children achieve their maximum mobility and independence by either sponsoring me or joining the Ride!

Contact Information

If you would like to sponsor my participation in the ride, you can send a donation via my profile pageYou can contact me via the following links: @jonnygold on TwitterFacebook, and Gmail.

About the ALYN Hospital 

The ALYN Hospital is Israel’s only Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Center - is one of the world’s leading specialists in the active and intensive rehabilitation of children, regardless of religion or ethnic origin,
suffering from a broad range of physical disabilities.

Over the years ALYN has developed a wealth of expertise in the treatment of acquired conditions AND congenital and progressive muscle, nerve and bone diseases and respiratory insufficiency.

Unfortunately, there is a significant gap between the fixed hospitalization rates received from referring agencies (health funds etc.) and the actual costs of the multi-disciplinary highlevel quality rehabilitation services that are provided to all the children treated at the Hospital.

Thanks to the efforts of both riders and sponsors, money raised through the Ride goes directly towards bridging this budget deficit and thereby helps to
ensure the continuity of treatment for these children at the highest level of quality and quantity which they so richly deserve.

For more information, regarding the hospital and the ride, please click here.

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