Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Alyn Wheels of Love 2012: Day 3

Due to heavy rains last night and flooding in the Arava, there were a lot of changes to today's route. We left from the Maktesh Hakatan (small crater) at around 9:15. We rode towards Nachal Zin, which after the rains, is now flowing

We were supposed to continue south towards Nahal Amazia, but the trail was totally waterlogged. Instead, we headed back towards Route 90 with a full police escort. This allowed me to have my single moment of glory. I managed to make my way from the back of the pack to almost the front. Of course once we hit Nachal Amatzia, I gradually fell back. We rode for another 5km, and then stopped for lunch.

After lunch, we continued until the end of Nachal Amatzia. The trail was a mixture of sand, gravel and mud; which was fine for a while, but quickly became hard and tiresome. Apart from hitting a few gravel banks, I got through it unscathed.

We continued on a back rode to Hatzah. We rode a total of 70km. The weather today was excellent. We are sleeping tonight at Ein Yahav.

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