Thursday, November 15, 2012

Alyn Wheels of Love 2012: Day 5

Before I report about today's ride, let me first give you a short update about last night. Shortly after we returned to the hotel, that Grad rockets had been launched and that we should enter the designated protected areas. This was the first of five warnings we received during the night.

Today's ride started from Moshav Aderet near Bet Shemesh at around 9:30. We climbed the trail to Tzur Hadassah. We then crossed over the road and continued on to Malcha. This was a total distance of 30km and included some steep climbs.

After eating in front of the Malcha train station, we rode a special circuit of Jerusalem in honor of the 13th (Bar Mitzvah) year of the ride. We rode from Malcha to the Tayelet, continued via Talbiyah to Rechov Azza, then up Golomb to the Alyn.

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